The Hema push-up bra

A brilliant piece of advertising here – how to advertise that the Hema bra pushes you up two cup sizes? As well as gain maximum exposure, and maximum press, without spending millions. Put the bra onto a male model and then tell the press.


We are Pi human arabesque

Pretty cool that they filmed this with choreography, no cgi used… They’ve done quite a few of the TedX videos, been flicking through some.

Sweetie is a sweetie

Well I, like many others in the industry was recently wowed by an industry first, a Cannes Grand Prix for good, from agency Lemz. This agency swept the advertising board by creating one of the first ever campaigns that incredibly managed to snare and entrap paedophiles using the web to talk to underage children in countries such as the Philippines and Thailand. They called the campaign after the very realistic character they created: sweetie.

Watch the Sweetie Case Study Video

This campaign gained worldwide media attention, and also forced the crime busting units to take their research and findings seriously, when they handed over their clearcut evidence on paedophile activity country by country…

I think it will be a long time before this campaign is beaten, and more importantly it demonstrates how advertising has changed: it now has to be directly linked to human behaviour (and ideals) rather than be simply a brand statement. I watched a talk at Pakhuis de Zwijger by Lemz, and their reaction was humbling. They’re simply happy they can help stamp out this known about (but not yet tackled) behaviour of online exploitation of minors in far away places. A great case study in advertising for sure.


Air bnb for creative freelancers

A new site to encourage freelancers to swop their skills, like you rent out apartments on Airbnb. I’m sure these hubs already exist, for example, co-working workspaces already help people link and share or swop skills. But this will be a bigger version. Starting off in the states, wonder if it will trickle through to Europe…

Increase donors by appealing to die-hard Footie Fans

Sounds like an interesting approach, doesn’t it? Instead of appealing to families, and to get someone to sign up to something that doesn’t have any benefit to them, make it about loyalty. As a donor, you’ll get to support your football club even after you pass on. Know you’re doing the best for them. It was achieved with the help of a big social push for signing yourself up.

They apparently increased donors by 52% over the course of the year, so it worked too.